Event Planners 

 WHAT  “We Will Do”

for   YOU !


  1. We Will; Make a Custom Videos for You and Your organization to promote and Increase Your Attendance while Building Interest and Excitement for your upcoming Event.

We will include in the video…. What Your organization and attendees can Expect by Attending Your Upcoming Event, Like … It is going to be Fun, Engaging Motivating and Inspiring. We will also promote your Other Speakers,  any Activities or Events  including what TOOLS that Your Team can EXPECT to leave with & IMPLEMENT.

  1. We Will; Make a Follow Up Videos for YOU after the event to keep your attendees Engaged with You and the Theme of your event and the Outcomes/take-aways YOU are still wanting to Instill in your attendees 60 days after the event is concluded.  We want to keep them engaged with YOU and the Message/Theme of your event
  2. We Will; Feature You on Our Podcast “The Transformer Show” and have you & your TEAM as a Guest before the event & again AFTER your event for Follow Up.
  3. We Will; Blog about your event
  4. We Will; Write articles for your website or newsletter before & after the event to keep people ENGAGED in the OBJECTIVE the organization wants to see accomplished.
  5. We Will; Do Break Out Sessions  (FREE) on topics that fit your organizations needs. While we are bookd Speaking at your event. Q&A sessions also. (At NO CHARGE)
  6. We Will; Be Available to HELP you, Mix and Mingle before, during and after the event if you wish. ( FREE, At NO Charge)
  7. We Will; Interview 3-7 of your people who will be in attendance and YOUR Decision-makers to find “their” needs wants or desired outcome of the event. This will help us DIAL in on your desired Outcome.
  8. We Will; Follow Up  with your Organization and it Attendees if you Like.
  9. We Will; Always Arrive EARLY, usually at least a ½ a day if possible. (min 1 ½ hours early ) and Stay LATE.
  10.  Have any OTHER Request????    Just Ask Us!  We want you to have the ABSOLUTE Best Event Possible

  We Speak at …Conventions Speaker – Conferences Speaker – Franchise Speaker – Association Speaker – Non Profit Speaker – Network Marketing Speaker – MLM Speaker  –  Church Speaker  – College Speaker – University Speaker & School Speaker.     

 Executive & Business Consultant, Professional & Personal Development Coach

  • Break Out Sessions
  • Master Mind & Coaching sessions
  • Strategic Planning sessions
  • Round table discussions
  • Mind mapping groups
  • Entrepreneurial discussions
  • Mid-level management groups
  • Leadership development
  • Sales Teams
  • Personal Coaching and Development