When Phillip Hatfield (PhD) Speaks… People Can’t Help but Listen.

Delivering  Dynamic & Powerful inspiring TRANSFORMING messages with his PhD.  ( Post Hole Diggers…Passionate Hungry & Driven.. Past Having Doubts) that resonate with Authenticity & Heart, Phillip offers solid ideas you can apply immediately in your Business or Life. Earning his stripes for 20+ years being mentored under the great “Zig Ziglar”

 A few year ago Phillip had a HORRIBLE Accident and was in the hospital for several months FIGHTING for his LIFE. He almost died 7 times in the first 10 days and wound up Dis-Abled and an Amputee. It is an AMAZING story that intertwines with Overcoming the Obstacles in LIFE as well as in his Professional Business career. 

Phillip brings his own brand of motivational wisdom to audiences in a way that is Unforgettable. He captures you with his Contagious Personality, and then leaves you with more than just his stories. With solid Philosophies, Principals & Techniques, you are reminded that ” YOU” have the power to Overcome Obstacles and Succeed with Power, Purpose and Passion In LIFE & Business. YOU too can Achieve  your Life’s Goals & Dreams  through Phillip’s customized presentations, you and your team will learn how to BE optimistic, Create a new Vision and Set Goals & make a GOALS PLAN, regardless of your circumstances. Phillip’s clients include businesses big and small, Associations, Schools, and Non-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations.

His topics on TRANSFORMING Leadership (are you a TRANSFORMER or a…. TERMINATOR? ) & The POWER of CHANGE are a couple of the most Requested talks as well as Faith Based Groups LOVE  Phillips Spiritual Journey as in his book Carried by Angels.




Phillip’s Story

As a young teenager, Phillip worked for this father’s construction company, then moved into the hospitality industry at age 24 with Regency Hotel Systems. At 26  he became the youngest General Manager and Vice President of Ramada Hotels Systems & Franchise Group, the five-star hotel system for Barker Enterprises.

After a devastating FIRE at one of the hotel properties in Ft. Worth, Texas resulting in loss of life where 5 People Died & 33 People were hospitalized for months, including scores of serious injuries, Phillip was selected to take on the enormous task of rebuilding the hotel. He soon found that his job wasn’t just to fix the  hotel structure itself, but to help mend the shattered  People including the remaining staff, the victims &  Families of those who died & were Traumatized. ALL of  the occupants of the 305 room hotel who were SLEEPING at the time of the Fire… to Re-Build morale of the people who worked there &  Re-Build a Multi-Million dollar Hotel Structure & Business.

Working side-by-side with the construction team and hotel employees, whether it was washing dishes when needed or making beds, Phillip created a Standard for  TransformingLEADERSHIP  & Teamwork, choosing to Lead, Inspire and Motivate from within working side by side with his TEAM.

The results proved Exceptional… Phillip designed Processes, Procedures & Systems that led to the hotel’s revenue going from $20,000 a month to over   12 Million Dollars a year in just 18 months with 16%  Net Profit (bottom Line Profit)  sustained over several years and HOSTING The Ms. TEXAS BEAUTY PAGENT the next 4 Years in a Row. 

Moving into Construction/Flooring & Retail Franchise groups Phillips Leadership & Business Strategies  brought Revolutionary Changes in Services, Products & Procedures for several Franchise Groups in  Flooring, Construction, Retail, And SERVICE groups as well as  the Hospitality industry. nationwide that are still being utilized today .

Today, Phillip is a  Zig Ziglar… Keynote & Conference Speaker , Author of several books Like  “Contagious Encouragement”  &  Be The Transformation also  “Carried by Angels.” Books Soon to be Released AUDACITY of AUTHENTICITY  &  “The Power of CHANGE”

As an expert Transformer, Phillip applied his own principles when a serious automobile accident found him fighting for his life. He almost Died 7 Times in 10 Days ultimately resulting in the Amputation &  loss of his leg. As a disabled man, he readjusted and faced his challenges head on & discovered…The Power of CHANGE

Phillips says, “I’ve learned that our Greatest Tragedies Can be Our Greatest Blessing.” He’s walking & TALKING  proof that, no matter what… Life Holds Great Promise and Anyone Can Achieve Greatness.

Zig Ziglar would agree ! 


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