When Phillip Hatfield (PhD) Speaks… People Can’t Help but Listen & Take Action

  Zig Ziglar Personally Mentored and Coached earning his stripes for 20+ years. Phillip Hatfield is ”The REAL McCoy” a Dynamic, Inspiring & TRANSFORMING Speaker. Breaking Through Barriers, with messages from his ” PhD”  ( Post Hole Diggers ~  PASSIONATE, HUNGRY & DRIVEN ~  Past Having Doubts ) that resonate with Authenticity & Heart; Phillip offers solid Ideas & Principals you can IMPLEMENT in Your Business  & Life today. Phillip is an Expert in Executive Coaching, Professional & Personal Development. Working with Main Street Businesses ,Franchisee & Franchisors, Non-Profits Fund-Raising, Corporations, Conventions, Associations, Direct Selling Organizations & Churches & Faith based group events

Author of several books: Contagious Encouragement, BE The Transformation, Carried by AngelsSoon to be released:   The POWER of Change  & The AUDACITY of Authenticity

Quick Business Resume:  Hired after a Major FIVE ALARM FIRE at a Top 4 Star Hotel where 5 People died & 33 People were still in the hospital Phillip was tasked with Re-Building the Hotel, Staff & Business. Turning to ZIG ZIGLAR’S Book  ” See You At The Top ” Changed Phillips Life & Career. Through TEAM building & Leadership the hotel turned around quickly earning Phillip the nick name  ” The Turn Around Guy” Breaking Through Obstacles & Barriers which he proved over & over again in SEVERAL diverse companies and Franchises. Overcoming  the Struggles, Obstacles & Barriers in Business & Life seemed to be Phillip’s Gift & Talent, which he honed into a SKILL. A Very teachable Skill set!

Personal Short Story:  Phillip was in a Devastating accident; in the hospital for several months with a Broken Back, Broken Ribs, Abdomen literally Burst Open taking 67 pints of blood to save his Life. Three Blood Clots 1 in his HeartLeg & his Lung. The Femur bone Snapped in half, 27 Breaks in his leg from the hip to his toes left him an Amputee. Requiring months of Therapy and a LONG Road to Recovery. Phillip understands Professionally, Physically & Personally the Crisis we face in CHANGE, OVERCOMING the Struggles, The Obstacles & Barriers Careers. Phillip KNOWS about unexpected Change in LIFE & BUSINESS, Change Management & the Crisis of Change. Phillip knows LEADERSHIP Through Change in his 25 + years as a successful businessman in the corporate world as ” The Turn Around Guy” His AMAZING stories intertwine Business Strategies, Principals & Philosophies with Overcoming the Obstacles, Road Blocks & Barriers in LIFE as well as in his Professional Business career.   

Phillip brings his own brand of Authentic Inspiration & Motivation in a way that is Unforgettable. He captures you with his Heart & Contagious Personality. Leaves you with solid Principals & Techniques. You are reminded that ” YOU” have the power to Overcome anything In Business & LIFE.  Phillip’s speaks for the large & small groups fromppl to Over 15,000. Your group will love Phillip & his customized Presentations, Coaching & Breakout sessions.

Phillip’s EXPERTISE  in the Business & the Franchisee/Franchisor world, Non-Profit FUND Raising. Direct Sales Organizations, Conventions & Conferences He is also a HUGE hit sharing his Spiritual Journey & Encouraging  Faith Based & Church groups with topics on TRANSFORMING Leadership & Are you a TRANSFORMER or a… TERMINATOR?   The POWER of CHANGE, Strategies for Success & Achievement, Contagious Encouragement & The  Audacity of Authenticity are just a couple of his most Requested talks.

Many groups Faith Based Groups LOVE Phillip’s Spiritual Journey as in his book Carried by Angels.




Phillip’s Story

As a teenager, Phillip worked for this father’s construction company, moved into the hospitality industry at age 24 with Regency Hotel Systems. At 26  he became the youngest General Manager and Vice President of Ramada Hotels Systems & Franchise Group, the five-star hotel system. After a devastating FIRE where 5 People Died & 33 People were hospitalized, including scores of serious injuries, Phillip took on the enormous task toRe-Build the hotel structure itself &  help mend the Shattered Lives  of the all the hotel guest including the staff & Families of those who died.  Working side-by-side with the construction team and hotel employees, washing dishes or making beds when needed. Phillip created a Standard for Transforming LEADERSHIP  & Teamwork, choosing to Lead, Inspire and Motivate from within. The results proved Exceptional… Phillip designed & taught Processes, Procedures & Systems that led to the hotel’s Revival and HOSTING The Ms. TEXAS BEAUTY PAGENT  

Phillips Career then moved into Construction, Flooring & Retail as well as Franchise Groups. Phillip’s Leadership & Business Strategies  brought Revolutionary Changes in Services, Products & Procedures creating Dynamic  Systems for several Franchise Groups in Flooring, Construction, Retail, SERVICE industry & the Hospitality industry.

 Keynote & Conference Speaker, Author of several books ;  “Contagious Encouragement”  &  Be The Transformation also  “Carried by Angels.” Books Soon to be Released AUDACITY of AUTHENTICITY  &  “The Power of CHANGE.” Phillip has faced his challenges head on & discovered…The Positive Power of CHANGE

Phillips says,  “I’ve learned that our Greatest Tragedies Can be Our Greatest Blessing.” He’s  proof that, no matter what… Life Holds Great Promise and Anyone can Achieve Greatness.

Zig Ziglar, Would Totally Agree ! 


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