PHILLIP HATFIELD ~ Your  ” OVER  The TOP  “  Transformational Leadership Speaker

TRANSFORMING Leadership and Change Management  ~  Leadership That Transforms  YOU & Your Organization. Your Life & Career Through…The Power of CHANGE~ Contagious ENCOURAGEMENT  &  The Audacity to BE Authentic

Our Mission:

  • To Provide You an  ” OVER The TOP “  Presentation creating an Engaging & Interactive Experience that Exceeds Expectations and Inspires Positive Change that Improves the Performance of your Team, Group or Audience. Phillips Presentations are Dynamic Heartfelt and Challenge audiences to step outside of their comfort zone and BREAK the Performance Barriers.

Our Objective; to “RAISE The Performance Standards of Your Team”  Through Transformational  LEADERSHIP & CHANGE MANAGEMENT by Challenging, Inspiring & motivating each individual to prepare for Adversity, Overcome their Fears, and Build Trusting Relationships & Commit to Excellence, in their personal and professional lives. Transformational Leadership and Change Management is Essential in every organization, Change is a daily occurrence that Opens The door of Opportunity & GREATNESS .the Audacity to be Authentic with the Courage & Boldness to be Genuine people & Leaders to become TRANSFORMATIONAL & not Transactional. TRANSFORMATIONAL and Transactional Leadership are not the same thing. The Audacity to be Authentic or the Courage & Boldness to be Genuine  and lead in Transformational Leadership.

Whether it is maximizing the LEADERSHIP Skills or  Leadership Effectiveness or Sales teams creating a Culture of Trust. Phillip will provide Effective tools and Strategies for Your Success & Achievement  that will Empower your team to Adapt to Change and Grow. 

 Our Ultimate Goal:  To Exceed you expectations, Inspire Positive Change and Improve the Performance of Your Group. By creating an environment of mutual trust, and accountability, to increase your organization’s ability to BEAT your Competition, Increase Sales, and “WIN” in today’s marketplace.

Speaking to:  Associations, Businesses & Organizations, Franchise Groups, Direct Sales Organizations, Non- Profit FUND Raisers, Conventions/Conferences, Church & Faith bases Groups, Universities-Colleges & Schools.

Here’s What You can Expect

  • Attention to detail and a sense of urgency.  We get things done effectively through planning and preparation to achieving Our mutual goal to Inspire & Ignite your attendees to Take Action .
  • Easy to work with!  You have plenty enough going on with your meeting than to worry about Your Keynote or Breakout session’s We are your planning partner.
  • Customized, Relevant content.  We don’t give canned presentations.  We research your company, conduct pre-meeting calls, gather on-site intel, and make sure the messaging is targeted to your audience.
  • Exciting Visuals & props for Engagement & interaction. This dynamic element keeps the program Fun, Engaging, and Reinforces learning outcomes.

Because of the universality of his message and motivation, Many diverse groups and organizations benefit from having Phillip Hatfield as their speaker. Phillip has spoken regularly to Professional and Trade Associations, Non-Profit groups, Schools, Churches and Religious Organizations. Although his overarching messages are the same.

Phillip tailors his speaking engagements to pinpoint the needs of each specific group.



“Transformational Leadership and Change Management is Essential in every organization Change is a daily occurrence that Opens The door of Opportunity & GREATNESS

Phillip’s Interactive Message of Inspiration Speaks to…

As YOUR Keynote Conference /Convention Speaker, Phillip has Motivated, Excited audiences for years. We want to help Your business grasp the Transforming & Leading Edge over your competition, make you more Profitable, helping create Culture to RETAIN your Talent & Employees. Motivation in the business community does not come easily. From the stockroom to the boardroom & from The Shop Floor to the Top Floor Phillip proved that Encouragement is Key to Motivation, Creativity Problem Solving & INNOVATION. Your group will be  Challenged to Transform their thinking and Envision Goals way beyond what they imagine, to Think & Plan BIG. He will teach them to map out their path for Achieving Their Goals, to stay Consistent & Persistent till their dreams become reality. With inspiring stories & humor woven into his talks, Phillip Excites, Inspires, and Motivates people to EXCELL in business and in their personal lives too.

Phillip’s Personal story:
Being Dis-Abled after a Devastating & Horrific accident left Phillip FIGHTING for his LIFE. He almost died 7 Times in the first 10 days while in a coma.

He was in the hospital for several months with a Broken Back, all of his Ribs Broke his on his left side, Abdomen Literally BUSTING Open taking in 67 pints of blood to save his life. Three Blood clots 1 in his Heart, Leg and his Lung. The Femur bone Snapped in half, 27 Breaks in his leg from the hip to his toes left him as an Amputee. Requiring several months of Therapy and a LONG Road to Recovery.  Yes, Phillip understands Physically, Personally and in Business the Crisis we face. OVERCOMING the Struggles, The Obstacles & Barriers in Life & at work in our businesses & our Careers. Phillip KNOWS about unwanted & unexpected Change & the Crisis of Change and he knows LEADERSHIP as he leads others through their Struggles in his 25 + years as a successful businessman.

Speaking to: Businesses & Organizations, Franchise Groups, Direct Sales Organizations, Non- Profit FUND Raisers, Conventions & Conferences, Church & Faith bases Groups, Universities-Colleges & Schools

Testimonials for Phillip:

“Phillip Hatfield is one of the most dynamic people I have met. He is well worth listening to…and being motivated by. He and I both appeared at the Texas Courier and Logistics Association’s Annual Conference, which had the theme “Moving in the Right Direction.” I was the opening keynote speaker and Phillip was the concluding motivational speaker. Among the messages that I got from Phillip: not just the moment of glory, business mentor is the sure path to your success.
Phillip Hatfield is a true champion for others.”

Hank Moore
Futurist, Corporate Strategist White House Advisor to 5 US Presidents: Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H Bush, George W Bush Received 4 Presidential Citations; Johnson, Carter, Reagan, and Bush.

“I would like to take a minute to tell you about Phillip Hatfield and his speaking engagement at US Department of Justice Carswell. Stupendous! Awesome! Life Changing! These are just a few of the words being used by the women here to describe Phillip Hatfield’s presentation. He exceeded my expectations. The message he brought was tailor made to fit this unique group.

                                               Patti Spencer
                                      US Department of Justice, Fort Worth, Texas

“I know Phillip Hatfield to be a man of great integrity and character. His actions speak for themselves, but you should also hear his story. His message will inspire you, challenge you, and motivate you to embrace the “Attitude of Gratitude.” No matter where you are on life’s continuum, Phillip’s experiences will apply to you. Whether it is in your personal, your family, your professional, or your faith journey, you will greatly benefit from Phillip Hatfield’s message.”

Bryan Flanagan
Vice President of Sales Ziglar Inc. 

Although Phillip’s faith is the foundation of his own personal life, each talk he gives is customized to that specific group or organization; he will not incorporate religion in his events… Unless Specifically Requested.

Our young men & women are ” Our National Treasure “. With the Trials, Changes  and Challenges that face our youth, Connecting with students is more important today than ever before. Phillip’s Story Telling, humor, relatable real-life stories, and matter-of-fact way of speaking will keep students listening and learning. One of Phillip’s best qualities is his ability to communicate with students on their own level, holding their attention by responding Honestly to their curiosity and point-blank questions. Philip has the Heart and Passion to communicate important life lessons to  Young Adults and kids. He has the Humor and Authenticity to Engage, Inspire and Educate  while also Entertaining them. 
With a Passion to Share ENCOURAGEMENT & Christ. His  “Unique Engaging Story Telling style” Is engaging & intertwined with his Powerful Testimonies, some of which are in his book “Carried by Angels”  A Must Read! A man who has EXPERIENCED God’s MERCY & Grace. Through his  tragedy & life’s many Crisis, Changes & Challenges. Phillip gives God the Praise, Honor and Gory. Just to Be ALIVE is a  miracle. Speaking to Several Thousands of people at Mega Churches to a few in bible study groups. His Passion is to… Encourage the Believers & Win the lost to Christ.

Phillip accepted Christ at 39 years old, and his life was TRANSFORMED, Changed and has never been the same. That was 10 years before his DEVASTATING Accident that left him in the hospital & FIGHTING for his Life where he almost Died 7 times in the first 10 days while in a Coma in ICU.

 After YEARS of recovery & now Dis-Abled and an Amputee his stories are AWE Inspiring.

Phillip’s  story of God’s  MERCY & Grace in his life, will Inspire, Engage you & FIRE You-Up, it will move & motivate you, he will make you Laugh and yes, CRY a little too, he will INSPIRE you! As Phillip explains in his book, Carried by Angels, he hopes to share the lessons he learned like   “My Greatest Tragedy is My Greatest Blessing” Phillip’s Testimonies & Stories will Motivate, Inspire and Ignite YOU to live your life with more Power, Purpose, Passion & most of all GRATITUDE. You will leave READY to ENGAGE and live IN & THROUGH the Spirit, making a difference for the Kingdom while Encouraging others & sharing Christ.YES… Phillip Hatfield  will get You & Your Group …. FIRED-Up

  Non-Profit Fund Raising Speaker.

 Pregnancy Resource Centers Galas,Domestic Violence Galas & Child Abuse Galas.

Phillip has Personal Experience & powerful personal stories in EACH of these groups.


Testimonials for Phillip;

“Phillip Hatfield’s commitment and dedication to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are far from “surface”—they have been tried in the fires of adversity and only strengthened as a result. He effectively relates to challenges in the world of business as he does struggles in one’s personal and spiritual life. The power and depth of his experiences come through clearly when he shares his messages with his audiences.”

Laurie Magers
Executive Assistant to Zig Ziglar

“Phillip Hatfield is truly amazing! His from the heart passion and total gratitude for life and his Lord come through in every word he says. Whatever your need may be, Phillip will inspire you to take the next step in your journey towards success.”

Tom Ziglar
CEO-Proud Son of Zig Ziglar


“Phillip is God’s man! And everybody can “feel” his love!”

Julie Ziglar Norman




Strategies for Success, A Blueprint for  Success & Achievement

This Powerful & Versatile  Keynote is a favorite. Tailor this Keynote any way you like. Pick any 3 of the topics below & we will Build your Keynote. FYI;We will do a Needs Assessment with You to see which 3 topics best fit the desired outcome of your event.


These topics ALSO can accompany Break-Out sessions  for your group. You can choose the 3 topics below  covered in the Keynote or you may choose to cover ONE  of the other two topics. The BEST Time frame for Each Topic in a Breakout session is 2 Hours. However they can be covered in 45 min. to 1 hour.

Choose Your Topics from Belo

For #5  An EFFECTIVE Goal Setting Session where they will LEAVE with a Personal GOALS PLAN  & or a Professional Goals Plan (Corporate- to fit their job description or Department) . This One is BEST for a 1/2 day session however a 2 hour time will get them a GREAT in-depth plan.


Get The Real Picture
Get A Clear Vision
Get Passionate About Your Skills

What Will I Learn?

A “short course” in building a positive self-image.

  1. Understanding how your self-image is directly related to your performance.
  2. Techniques you can use to build a positive self-image.
  3. How to change what and where you are in life.
  4. How to plan and prepare to win.
  5. How to get everything in life that you want.


 Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

The Attitude Formula
The Awesome Power of PMA
Build An “Attitudinal Reserve”

What Will I Learn?

  1. A “short course” in building a positive mental attitude.
  2. You’ll recognize the benefits of a positive mental attitude.
  3. Steps you can take to manage your positive mental attitude.
  4. How to build an“attitudinal reserve”to reinforce your positive mental attitude.
  5. How to make your positive mental attitude permanent rather than temporary.


Prepare To Build Winning Relationships
Prepare To Build A Successful Life
Forgive And Build Winning RelationshipsFamilies Are For Winning Relationships

What Will I Learn?

1. A “short course” in Building Winning Relationships.
2. Steps to take to build winning relationships.
3. Building relationships between men and women.
4. A gift to give yourself so that you can build winning relationships.

5. Understanding the key to all relationships.



Having Confidence in the Future

Winners Make Good Choices

Hope Is A Choice

Self-Control Breeds Hope

Hope Opens All Doors

What Will I Learn?

1. A “short course” about how hope creates change.
2. Steps to take to incorporate encouragement and hope in your life.

3. Understanding why the choices we make are so Critical & incredible.
4. Why it’s important to seek Balance in your life.
5. Three things that must occur before you can be a winner.
6. Discovering the greatest hope builder of all!


A Game Plan For Success
The Wisdom Of A Goals Program

How To Develop Your Goals Program

Dream SheetBalance

Your Life’s Priorities
Your Goals Procedure Chart

Commitment Leads To Victory

Tools To Help You Reach Your Goals

What Will I Learn?

1. Four reasons people don’t set goals.
2. A plan for building your own Goals Program.
3. How to be a better self-manager.
4. How to organize your time more efficiently and effectively.

5. How to get control of your future.
6. The good news and the bad news about a Goals Program.

7. The steps to follow to set your personal Goals Program.





Contagious Encouragement: A Fun, Engaging and Interactive Keynote & Breakout Session.

Encouragement is the #1 way to effect positive changes to individuals, teams, departments, organizations and corporations and ensure lasting results. Genuine encouragement can take people from pessimistic to optimistic, from idle to productive, from gloomy to enthusiastic; it can create a winning attitude overnight. Everyone needs and desires encouragement—from the CEO to the company’s front-line employees. Encouragement is the most powerful tool in our toolbox and should not only be used daily, but at every opportunity possible throughout the day. If we all pay attention, we can find nearly unlimited opportunities to offer encouragement to those around us.

This Keynote is designed to share stories and tools to equip everyone to be INTENTIONAL about being an encourager and develop a desire to spread Contagious Encouragement in the workplace, marketplace and at home. It will deliver tools that not only teach the importance of encouragement but also how to do so with the utmost effectiveness. The secret is in the “Because.” Telling people what you like about them is valuable, but telling them why is exceptional. This presentation explains the benefit of Phillip’s “I Like Sticky Note” process. Learn how a simple note that says, “I Like ________, because ____________” will transform those around you. Encouragement is the catalyst to new attitudes, new ideas, new solutions, and new creations. This is a fantastic presentation that engages, inspires and gives the attendees REAL tools and procedures to change their personal and professional lives.

Transform Your Business & Life

Obstacles & barriers are everyday occurrence in life and in business.We face adversity, setbacks and struggles. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to choose our circumstances; however, we do get to choose our reaction to them. Do you want them to derail you or your business and terminate your goals, dreams and ambitions? – OR – Do you want those situations and circumstances to TRANSFORM you or your organization into becoming a huge success?

You have a choice to persevere even in the toughest of times and achieve greatness in yourself, your company and team. Sometimes we have to set a new dream, and then make a goal to achieve that dream. We have to make a plan on how we are going to achieve that goal, whether it is a personal goal, a team goal or a complete change in direction for a company or organization. It is all in the choice, the ATTITUDE, and the plan. Finally, we are ready for the execution to achieve Success & Significance at home and the marketplace. Phillip shares his life-and-death story of personal tragedy including how he became an amputee and how he overcame struggles and adversity both personally and professionally through the journey. Perseverance through business obstacles and barriers allowed him to rebuild a life and a new career and achieve a renewed success. This talk is deeply personal, yet still fun and engaging and customized for your specific business or organization. Your audience will be ignited, inspired and engaged. They will not only have fun but also leave with tools to help them to overcome their obstacles and get a new dream, set a new goal and BUILD a PLAN of action to achieve greatness.





Transformational Leadership Principles That Will Lead to Positive CHANGE

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Get out of the Fire & Get Fired-Up

Like The Phoenix Rising ~ A Phoenix obtains New Life by Rising from the Ashes

 At 4 years old I Burned Down the House, at 15 I Burned friends car, at 20 I Burned the basement Garage. At 24 took over a 4 Star hotel that had a Major Fire 5 People died 33 were in the hospital for a long time in the Burn Unit. Some times it seems our Lives & Businesses are devastated & BURNED beyond repair, so we think. We are Resilient we have the ability to Bounce back, Re-Build, Re- Ignite and Re-Engage  to go Higher and farther than before. Out of the Fire come HUGE Success.

Learn How to;

Build a Lasting Foundation

RISE-Up / Get -Up

Find our Strengths & Talents

Re-Build Winning Relationships

Learn our Personality through Personality Assessment

Find our Dream through a Dream Assessment

Make a New GOAL & Goals PLAN

We will dive into Perseverance

To do What Ever It Takes to Achieve Balance & Success

This Keynote & Breakout session is Tailored for YOUR Business or Your Personal Life. It is designed Get you Back into the game & PREFORM with Excitement & Excellence.At a higher level than you ever thought before your team will leave with Passion & Desire and a Focus. Achieving their DREAM in a Fun, Engaging HONEST environment.