Phillip Hatfield brings a unique vision to the world of motivational speaking. Whether talking to businesses, schools, or faith-based groups, Phillip encourages his audiences to think deeper and act with intention. Everyone knows the old adage, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Phillip shares his unconventional twist on this saying: “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly…until you can do better.” Phillip challenges his audience to have a dream, make a plan, and persevere. With his dynamic personality and his own life as an example, Phillip motivates people to turn stumbling blocks into starting blocks and tragedies into blessings.


Being a Motivational Speaker with Zig Ziglar Corporation is a BLAST. The fun we have as a motivational speaker is we  inspire, engage and encourage people.That alone is so rewarding. Seeing eyes light up as people begin to Connect, Engage, and become Inspired to take ACTION. That is what we want to see most of all is the
encouragement take hold . To have the audience members see they too can achieve their life’s Goals Dreams and Ambitions. Realizing that Obstacles in life and business are not Brick walls but great stepping-stones we can use to step our way to victory & success. 



Sell like a 5 year old

Just the basics of Selling. How a 5 Year Old Sells Anything to Anyone. With Confidence, Persistence, Genuine, sweet, Nice, Polite, respectful, listening, benefits, Overcoming the objections and more.