Get Ready to “Get Fired Up”  because Clarity, Focus,Vision & Fun is what Phillip Hatfield brings to Your Group.

Known as “The TRANSFORMER”  by a 4 year old little girl who took one look and said…. “Mommy,mommie, LOOK…. It’s The Transformer” her BIG brother said “not ugh… He’s The TERMINATOR”In that 30 second time frame I decided I wanted to be a TRANSFORMER and transform the bad things that happened to me, like my horrible accident and let it transform me. Not TERMINATE My Goals Terminate my DREAMS or Terminate the goals of those around me with my bad attitude or being negative or  overly critical. I wanted to Transform my Career.  I decided I  wanted to set New Goals, get New Dreams & Ambitions. I decided that  day I wanted to help others see they TOO can CHANGE their situation and turn their Obstacles into  Successes & Achievements. I want to help provide Solutions & Hope when they too HIT those Barriers & have Struggles in their Lives & Businesses I want to help them to see they too can Choose to let circumstances TRANSFORM their Life, Business & Career.

I chose to see The Positive POWER in CHANGE !

Change is a Daily constant so why not EMBRACE the Change ! So it is TIME to OVERCOME the Obstacles Barriers & Struggles. It is TIME to TRANSFORM your Businesses,Companies & Organizations into what you want it to be. Transform your Career, Your Relationships &  Your Marriage. Time to Get Fired -Up & Get a NEW DREAM & New GOAL. It is time to make a new GOALS PLAN of how to Achieve that Goal.

  ” I want to be a TRANSFORMER  & not a Terminator “

Helping Others to Focus on ContagiousEncouragement  &  The Power in Change  is what I call TRANSFORMING Leadership, Motivating Inspiring. Encouraging Hearts & offering Helping Hands to become Transformational & not Transactional.

Whether talking to Businesses, Schools, Churches or Faith-based groups, Phillip Encourages his audiences to Think deeper and Act & Be intentional. Everyone knows the old adage,  “ If You Keep Doing What You Always Did, You Keep Getting What You Always Got… Right ?


It Gets WORSE !

”Phillip shares his unconventional twist: We Have to be Intentional &  be Encouragers to Become Transformational Leaders. Time to Transform our Homes, Business & Life.With Fun & Humor,Phillip challenges & ENGAGES  his Audience in Changing Their Lives & Businesses.  Helping them to get a DREAM Turn the Dreams into Goals & LIVE Your Dream! Plan, Prepare, Execute & Persevere.With his dynamic Personality and his own life experiences as an example, Phillip  Inspires & Motivates people to Turn Stumbling Blocks into Starting Blocks and Tragedies into Blessings.

It is Time to Achieve our Goals, Dreams & Ambitions. Time to Live Transformed Lives & Transform our Businesses!


Being a Motivational Speaker with Zig Ziglar Corporation is a BLAST. The fun we have as a motivational speaker is we  inspire, engage and encourage people.That alone is so rewarding. Seeing eyes light up as people begin to Connect, Engage, and become Inspired to take ACTION. That is what we want to see most of all is the
encouragement take hold . To have the audience members see they too can achieve their life’s Goals Dreams and Ambitions. Realizing that Obstacles in life and business are not Brick walls but great stepping-stones we can use to step our way to victory & success.